Studio Tracks 2014

by The Jereactors

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Recorded on January 8th and 9th at Treehouse Audio in Louisville Kentucky. There was some beer involved.


released January 10, 2014

All songs by The Jereactors.
Studio magic and trickery by Trip Barringer of Treehouse Audio.



all rights reserved


The Jereactors Louisville, Kentucky

The Jeractors are a punk/thrash band from Louisville Kentucky. After a few lineup changes they are currently: Lester Bolles - bass and vocals, Jimmy Shithead - guitar and vocals and Eskoria Toxico (Slag - The Refugee) - drums and vocals.

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Track Name: Odio
Odio los gobiernos, odio los gobernantes
Odio los partidos ,politicos farsantes
Odio el sistema con sus putas leyes
Cadenas y represiones roban tu libertad

Odio los medios de comunicacion
Te confunden te distraen de la realidad
odio las sucias guerras destrullen la humanidad
odio odio odio a la policia

odio las Iglesias, odio las religiones
cerdos violadores en la casa de dios
odio las dicataduras, odio los dictadores
odio odio odio los putos cabrones

ya no mas gobiernos sistemas desiguales
rompe tu silencio y unete a luchar
escupe tus verdades deja de llorar
corren grandes tiempos, tiempos de odiar

(bastard English translation)

I hate the government, I hate the leaders
I hate the parties, and deceitful politicians
I hate the system with its "prostitute' laws
Chains and repressions steal your freedom

I hate the media
They distract from reality
I hate the dirty wars and how they level humanity
I hate... hate... hate the police

I hate the churches, I hate religions
Rapists pigs in the House of God
I hate the dictatorship, I hate dictators
I hate... hate,,, hate those fucking bastards

Get rid of the Government"s inequal systems
Break your silence and join the fight
Speak the truth and stop crying
These are great times, times of hate
Track Name: Mr. Beat 'Em Up Guy
He likes to beat 'em up
He likes to mop the floors with their face
He's Mr. Beat 'Em Up Guy
He ain't going down for the count

He don't take no shit
He's no fuckin' slouch
He can hold his own
He'll knock you to the ground

He likes to get real drunk
He likes to pound 'em down now
And get liquored up
Red eyes and the rage of the bull

(repeat chorus, first verse and chorus again)
Track Name: Next Big Thing
A society of buyers
Wait on commercials
Wait for that next big things
That'll make 'em feel happy

Buy... buy... buy... consume

Sheep are entertained
They watch the TV
That next big thing that'll make 'em happy
It's just around the corner

Buy... buy... buy... consume

You don't have one
You want it
Your friend has one
You want it
You can't get one
You want it
And you want one...
You want it

Buy... buy... buy... consume

You want it
You want it
You want it
You want it
Track Name: I Want To Explode (Live Studio Track)
It's easy to imagine
Living in heaven
Just wake up
And live it for yourself
We have nothing
Everything's run out
And the media does nothing
Except show the same old stuff

They only have on mission
To carry out their ideals
Making everyone to march to their rhythm
Without asking if they want

You've all joined them
It's thanks to all their gifts
It's for your vote
To go their way
I feel bad
I'm about to burst
So much rage inside
I wanna scream

They only have on mission
To carry out their ideals
Making everyone to march to their rhythm
Without asking if they want